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24th December 2016

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

Staff party last night..Sore heads? Many probably, but they all made it in.

Too early to hear the stories but  I am sure a few will fillter through over the next few days.

When Clare, Archie (not happy to be leaving early) and I left it looked like David Bass was going to replace the drummer in the band that was playing in Harry Cooks, although I am not sure who was going to be the singer.. it could have been Henry Morshead or Jack Jones?

The night was young when we left and the 21Club was still to go..

Anyway they had a fun night and one that was much deserved.

Back to work and luckily no visitors here this morning as it was rather hectic with the local hunt meeting for their Christmas Eve meet in the field where our gallops are.

There were 3 guys who died on Christmas Eve  and went to heaven.

St. Peter at the gate said, “Since you all died on Christmas Eve, you all got to show me something that represents Christmas.

First guy puts his hand in his pocket & pulls out a lighter, lights it & said "Candle". St. Peter said, “There are candles for Christmas Go in.”

Second guy pulls out a set of keys & shakes them saying “Bells”. St. Peter said, “There are bells for Christmas Go in”.

Third guy, pockets were turned inside out.  "Well" St. Peter said The guy puts his hand in his coat pocket & pulls out a pair of woman’s panties.  St. Peter said “Now what do they have to do with Christmas?”

The guy said "Oh these are Carol's."

On that note...Have a good, Happy and Healthy Christmas and see you on Boxing Day.