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26th January 2023

Plus 1, foggy and dry when driving in...

Much warmer yesterday.. slippery indeed if walking on the grass banks or through muddy gateways..

We had supper at The Wheatsheaf last night with Oli and Panda Christie.. It was their Burns night.. excellent it was too. Including The Piper.

Not even the late Hugo Bevan could come up with Doncaster's going description, and in January.... "Good. Frozen in places. Selective watering in the home straight.".. Yes that is tomorrows going report for Donny...

I am rather hoping that my spelling will look as though it has improved.. Maya, my new PA, is now keenly reading through my blog and correcting before you notice?

The first thing she did was to correct the name of one of my horses.. It is Heros De Romay not Heroes De Romay..

Archie has a friend at school who reads my blog and enjoys telling Archie that his Father has made 7 spelling mistakes this morning. Most days apparently more!

We have a couple of runners today at Wetherby.. Matt heads there to saddle Samatian and Imperial Hurricane and for my thoughts please click here.

We have a new owner of the month in Ed Hawkins..

Ed sent over his script to Maya and ended it with..’ Please can you tell your boss that I have a 'G' in my name’..

For over 30 years of spelling his name incorrectly.. today we start again..

We have a new owner of the month in Ed Hawkings

Very British Challenges..

1. Drag the wheelie bin back in without having a peek inside first

2. Place items on a shop counter without saying ''just these, please''

3. Pay for petrol without looking back out at the pump

4. End a taxi journey without saying ''anywhere here's fine''