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26th February 2021

Minus 3 and dry when driving in. Stunning morning

I had talkSPORT on all the way to Huntingdon.. hard to believe what I was listening too.. Call that cricket.. beach volleyball..a sport that does not really suit radio!

Three thirds at Huntingdon.. All ran well and no excuses..

Hamilton Dici.. Lovely horse who finished third will be some 4 year old novice chaser next season.. he jumps for fun. Won best turned out

Lady Of The Night.. Another cracking run from her and again she is going to be a good chaser next season. Won best tuned out

Lots Of Luck.. Ran well to finished third.. probably a few pounds too high in the handicap.. more races to be won with him.. Should have won best turned out!.

So no change of date for this years Grand National.. There was muted thoughts that the date should change to make the opening of betting shops the following week more lucrative..Boris could change his mind so would racing keep moving the goal posts of the starting Grand National gate?.. no

We are looking for a new yard man/ tractor driver/handyman.. Somebody who knows and can handle horses and drive a tractor.. perfect for somebody local who only wants to work 3 days a week..It could be full time if needed..Let me know if you fancy joining the team. JRK?

Chester Williams in this morning.. We jumped Station Master and Voyburg.

We have just the one runner today at Warwick.. Miss Gemstone heads there and for my thoughts on her chances please click here.

Keith Ellis sent this one over....

I have a little Satnav, it sits there in my car.

A Satnav is a driver's friend it tells you where you are.

I have a little Satnav, I've had it all my life.

It's better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife.

It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive "It's sixty miles an hour", it says, "You're doing sixty five".

It tells me when to stop and start, and when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever, safe to overtake.

It tells me when a light is red, and when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively, just when to intervene.

It lists the vehicles just in front, and all those to the rear. And taking this into account, it specifies my gear.

I'm sure no other driver, has so helpful a device. For when we leave and lock the car, it still gives its advice.

It fills me up with counselling, each journey's pretty fraught. So why don't I exchange it, and get a quieter sort?

Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, makes sure I'm properly fed. It washes all my shirts and things, and keeps me warm in bed!

Despite all these advantages, and my tendency to scoff, I only wish that now and then ……………… I could turn the bugger off.

Todays non virus video nasty..