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25th March 2019

Plus 4 and dry when driving in.

Well we did not ruin Noel Fehily’s leaving party at Newbury on Saturday, but we gave it a bloody good shot of trying to do so.

The huge imposing horse that is Prince Llywelyn (best turned out) did finish second to Noel’s horse Get In The Queue and just for a moment it looked like PL might upset the apple cart but then Noel's horse drew away.. Perhaps being Noel's last ride he was not quite as cool as normal and went to the front far sooner that he would normally.

Anyway, whatever, I hate being second, but PL is a bit special and I am sure we will have the beating of the winner when it come to hurdles next season.!! Important to dream?

Again hugely impressed with Newbury.

Mrs B had not been to the 'new' Newbury so she was suitably impressed too. It makes such a huge difference if the gate staff and all staff are welcoming and happy.. The day starts on the right note.

Peter Bennett-Jones and family had a good day and were thrilled with their horse. PL will probably now wait to go hurdling next season rather than run in another bumper this time.. we shall see, but the weather will play a big part in the final decision as he needs softer ground than what was on offer on Saturday.

The race was sponsored by Goffs. They entertained owners and trainers in the race. Tim Kent, one of the Directors had just returned from Honk Kong where he bumped into my son Harry. Both were in the country for their Derby and sales. Both felt the other was the reason whey they felt rough after…

Monday morning. Fresh horses.

Rodney and Moira Stoneman called in to see their KBRP horse Knockanrawley. A pat and a goodbye.. They have had fun with naughty knockers..

We have no runners today.

Wife. I am going to the store do you want anything?

Hubby. I want and sense of meaning and purpose in my life. I seek fulfilment and completeness to my soul. I want to connect to God  and discover the spiritual side to me.

Wife. Be specific Chivas Regal or Black Label