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26th March 2022

0 degrees and dry when driving in.

That was a better effort from Samatian.. He was third at Hereford.

No runners today but a very busy Saturday with visitors....

Second Lot..

Mary Dulverton was here to see Sayadam, Hamilton Dici, Kyntara and Artic Saint.

Jack and Ian Randle and Kevin and Jenny Price were here for a morning on the gallops and breakfast as booked through CD Tours

Micky and Katy O'Grady were also here for a tour, a present gifted by Katy to Micky for his 60th Birthday present.

Rob and Sarah Watson were here to see their KBRS horse The 4 year old Getaway out of Liane de Pougy..

Alison and Tony Salmone were here to see their daughter Mirella riding . 

Third Lot...

Garry and Tracy Betley were here to see their KBRS horse Phantom Getaway, hopefully Tracy has brought some cake too....

John and Pat Lee were here to see their KBRS horses Does He Know, Voyburg, Galante De Romay, Parc d'Amour, Fair Frontieres.

John told me this week that his KBRS horses or, as he calls them..'' “My” horses have run 30 times.  I have had 11 winners which gives me a win percentage of 36.6% and 9 places so 30%. The win ratio is astonishing on its own. The combined win and place ratio an astounding 66.6%. On only a third of the times my horses have run have I not been in the win/place enclosure.''

John those below would love your statistics..

Paul and Suzanne Higgs were here to see their KBRS horses Chazza, Percy Veering and Voyburg

Simon Edwards also came to see his KBRS horse Percy Veering

We also pulled out our latest syndicate horse, a 2018 Bay Gelding by Getaway x You Should Know Me who has gained plenty of interest from his recent work videos.

Julie and David Martin and Dan Hall flew in (Colin Bodill was their pilot) late morning to see Ajero, Peaked Too Soon, Pay The Pilot, Tregele and Salt Rock. Followed by lunch at The Kilkeney.

Day two of the last Test..The West Indies lower order has repeated what ours did..Stubborn resistance.

We have one runner tomorrow at Ascot. Wandrin Star runs there abd for my thoughts please click here.

Flat racing starts today at Doncaster and the clocks go forward tomorrow morning.

Are you sweating whilst putting petrol in your car and feeling sick when paying for it.

You have probably got the Carownervirus!

To finish, a very Happy Birthday to our Head Girl, Kate Paddock.