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27th April 2016

Plus 5 I believe when waking in my hotel in Naas.

Charbel who won best turned out was running well until making a howling mistake 3 from home which scuppered his chances; his first ever mistake..

Plans astray but we still had a great nights racing.. Isnt that what Punchestown is all about?

We have no runners today although I will be racing at Punchestown again.

You can watch a video of some of the horses working this morning by clicking here.

Moving on...

Richard Farquhar has, as you all know, been Walking The Courses for most of the last 13 months.. he has walked all 59, (or is it 60 as Newmarket seems to want to have two) British racecourses..

Richard has been walking all our racecourses for charity and as I am sure you probably already know his chosen charities are Racing Welfare and Pancreatic Cancer UK. I would like to ask and recommend that you, if you have not already, contribute through his web page.. please click here to donate.. Two stunningly worthwhile charities

Richard emailed me..

Having completed the final leg from Huntingdon to Newmarket last Thursday, on a day that I shall never forget, my attention is now fully focussed on the fund raising. The walking is complete, 2,910 miles under my belt.

The support that I have received from all parts of this wonderful racing game over the past 13 months has been astonishing and gratifying.

As I am sure that you are aware by now, I am raising money for Racing Welfare and Pancreatic Cancer UK, two fantastic causes that are both close to racing. May I ask if you might be able to help us in getting closer to our target of £1.4 million?

Our primary focus now is the Walking The Courses "Final Flight" Ball, to be held at the Hurlingham Club on May 19th. The evening will commence with a champagne reception, followed by a three course dinner, speeches (including The Hon Harry Herbert), auctions, micro pig racing and dancing. Nick Luck will be compering the evening.

If any of my owners or others who have a set of racing colours would like to display them on the Racecard for the evening please look at the flyer on the right and contact Richard..Please email Richard on for further details.. It should be a a terrific evening.

Aer Lingus delivered me on time yesterday..

A mother and young son were flying Aer Lingus.

The son, who had been looking out the plane's window, turned to his mother and said "Mom ... If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?"

Stumped for an answer the mother suggested to her son that he ask the stewardess.

The boy promptly got out of his seat and wandered back to the service area. "Excuse me" the boy said to the stewardess. "If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?"

"Did your mother tell you to ask me that?"

"Yes" He said nodding his head.

She whispered in the boy's ear, "Tell your mother it's because Aer Lingus always pulls out on time."

Of course they do ??