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25th May 2019

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

I went over to Martin Jones's yesterday to see my youngsters being broken in.. annoyingly the sun disappeared while I was there so my photos of them are not great.

May 25. Once a year. Better to have one that not.. !

David Bass was in this morning and although not a huge amount going on he was able to ride a couple of horses out before he and Mat left for Cartmel.

We worked Blazon and Cresswell Legend...We jumped Yeavering Belle and Mergeela.

Hector Chamberlain was here second lot to promote his venture of Unicycling around Ireland in under 11 days, all for charity.. The Irish Injured jockeys Fund.

Hector is doing this with two mates Will Forsyth-Forrest and Wilfred Ward.. Starting on July 4 for 11 days and finishing on July 14.. Trip 400 miles Mizen Head to Malin Head.. They hope to beat the record and enter the Guiness Book of records for doing so..

Archie’s sports day.. not one I have to preform in or at.. thankfully..

We have two runners today and two tomorrow.

Today we run Robin The Raven at Cartmel and Sunblazer on the flat at Salisbury tonight.

Tomorrow we run Aliandy and Yeavering Belle at Uttoxeter and for my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

My father in law sent this over ..

Headed...'Getting old should require training..'

'I bought a new stick of deodorant yesterday.

The instructions read. ..'Remove cap and push up bottom.'

It now hurts to walk. but when ever I fart the room smells lovely.

Thanks Feddie..

Have a great bank Holiday weekend and to finish.. well done to John Perriss..

Early yesterday morning at 1.30am John's good race mare Mollys A Diva had a colt foal by Jack Hobbs..

Mum and son are doing well..