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26th May 2022

Plus 12 and dry when driving in..

Warwick last night was not a huge success  as Voyburg pulled up.. over the top? A term we use for horses who would rather be out at grass than being in training.. It happens at this time of the season and no one seems to know why..

Clare took me out for super at The Old Butchers on the way home (birthday present).. We were joined by James and Henrietta Cheatham amd Simon Claisse and Annabel England... Fun..

I left early this morning for Newmarket.. attending their Tattersalls sale.. yes another sale..

John Webber and Richard Sheppard called first lot..Sorry to miss them but Mat and Mrs B looked after them..

My owners open day date, for the diary, is September 11.. As in the past few years it is owners only and will be a lunch at The Frogmill..

Every horse owners nightmare..

Please note the following joke is not from my life but from Steve Calderon

This morning my wife and I had a blazing row. It got very heated and my wife picked up the nearest thing to hand, a bottle of fabric conditioner, and threw it at me.

I think it must have been Lenor. It was too close for Comfort.