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25th july 2016

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

Yesterday Sunday papers were a good read while watching Archie play cricket.

Alice Plunkett's interview in the Racing Post was a very good one and the Gaselee father and Son interview in the Sunday Times was also worth reading. Another read that was worth while was the story of our 1966 Football World Cup winners and their aftermath. It actually was an article that made me feel very depressed after reading.. Life really is too short.

Yes I watched Archie’s team Dumbleton play cricket against Poulton. A test match in its own right and when Archie came in to bat I rather thought I knew how Matt Root felt…although Archie did not amass anything like the same amount of runs, his team won.

The Wheatsheaf followed for a very late lunch which was probably a mistake as the menu had just about sold out of its Sunday sitting..

There was a big days Arab racing at Newbury. Huge crowds and one of the winners was a horse called Kamikaze.. A name that brings back many memories.. I trained another grey under the same name and he fell at the last at Uttoxeter too many times when in front..

The back pages of today papers are all about the huge successes of British sports. Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome, Adam Yates, Mo Farah, Paul Broadhurst, Sir Ben Ainslie and Frankel’s offspring..The downside is the IOC decision for not insisting on a complete ban on the Russian team.

David Bass was in to ride out three lots this morning.

Michael and Gerry Worcester called in late morning to see their two horses Coco des Champs and Shuluna

We have one runner this afternoon at Newton Abbot providing the ground is safe. Patsys Castle and David Bass meet in the 4.55pm.. For my thoughts please click here.

Talking racing of the big G's starts today.. Galway... Tomorrow is the other.. Goodwood..

A fellow turns to his wife in bed and whispers,

"Did you know that today is National Orgasm Day?"

"Oh, what a pity," she said,

"Right in the middle of National Headache Week!!"