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26th August 2022

Plus 9 and dry when driving in.

Light sheets or rugs on the horses for the first time last night.

Mat is away in Northern Ireland attending Imperial Racings open day at Kevin and Anna Ross’s pre training yard and stud... Imperial Aura and Imperial Hurricane will be on show

Marcus Armytage was here to do an interview with Archie on his thoughts on winning the Grand National on Mr Frisk and the future of the race..School project..

Archie has played so much cricket during the summer holidays I fear he has not given much thought towards his studies and exams!

Really good to see Marcus.. Marcus still writes the odd column for The Daily Telegrpah but like many papers they have cut down so much on their racing coverage.. Too many meetings to cover.

Sad to read that John Budden has died.. Top man who just loved his racing.. I worked with him several times over the years..Not wanting to be a bearer of bad news everyday but these chaps were special people to be around..

First day of the Test at Old Trafford.. Good to watch .. Tense stuff.. Plenty of clips here

We are involved  and opening the yard in National Racehorse Week and Great British Racing are pushing the week on Twitter and I have to say some of their twitter pictures really don't do our sport any good..Who on earth thinks up some of the pictures?

Confusing questions..

Which armrest is yours when you go to the cinema?

How far east do you have to go before you start going west??

When does it stop being partly sunny and start to become partly cloudy?

Did you arrive at this point in your life because you willed it or because you were destined to be here?

If life is so short, why do we do things that we don’t like and like so many things that we don’t do?