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25th September 2018

Minus 1 and frost on my windscreen when driving in.

I was physically and emotionally drained yesterday after what was the most fabulous day of my life on Sunday.

My daughter Pandora’s wedding was the most beautiful and wonderful day. It rained in the morning and the sun shone by the time we were driven to the church in a wonderful old 1933 Lagonda, and the rest of the day was bright and beautiful.

The bride looked stunning and the bridesmaids likewise.

The church was full of flowers and the reception after and the party later went like clock work.. My speech, well it delivered probably not as well as it should have been, as my voice lost some of its pitch.. if you know what I meant.

Harry, who had flown over from Sydney said a few words rather well in fact and made up for his father and then the groom James Lovett spoke of his love for my daughter; finally the his best man Charlie Walker trashed him .. all in good humour..

I was so proud and stunned by the day, which had been organised from start to finish by my daughter.. A very proud Dad and  a very tired one yesterday.. emotionally drained..

It was also good and a bonus to come out of church to be told that Minella Warrior had won well at Uttoxeter..

Now recovered and back to work.

No vet visit, and no movers or shakers in the weekly BHA handicapping charts.

John Knock, Terry Crump and Keith Bratt were here for a first visit to Thorndale to see their youngster by Midnight Legend.

Our first visit from the members of the Highclere Thoroughbred Racing team and owners Mary Neale, Roger and Jill Davies and David Watts to see their horse Alfie Corbitt.

We have one runner today at Warwick. 3.30 Blazon and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

There are 3 kinds of men in this world. Some remain single and make wonders happen. Some have girlfriends and see wonders happen. Rest get married and wonder what happened!