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27th September 2018

Plus 13 and dry when waking near Perth.

You have to love Perth as a racecourse. It is friendly and fun and my owners who came racing yesterday thoroughly their day, even though their horse Younevercall finished second. Yes I was annoyed.. bloody PB!

John and Mandy Battershall, Colin Stewart and Tim Caven all made the journey, and for all it was their first visit to Perth and they loved it.. and excepted that their horse ran a blinder.

Good support team.. Mark and Melinda Laws were in the area so they called in to support.. Mark was thrilled as it stopped a days shopping at The House Of Bruar.. Sorry Mark, not sure you will get off that lightly...

Forgetting all that it was a great run from Younevercall who has not seen a racecourse for 517 days.. more to come from him later in the season.. although I am not sure I agree with the Racing Post Post race analyst.

Perth was mourning the death of their late CO and friend Sam Morshead; we reminisced.. A day full of his memories and there were plenty of stories. Radio 5’s racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght was full of Sam’s antics and tales, as only he would.. we laughed.. isn’t what you are meant to do

Back at Thorndale.. Yesterday Fredi and Paul Seraydarian from Los Angeles California were found walking around the Farm by Peter Kerr.. Peter immediately showed then around.. potential owners?

An easy day down South for the horses as we have one runner at Perth today.. Cresswell Legend and for my thoughts please click here.

Melvyn Wright was here to see Mergeela, a new partnership horse available for lease.

Keith Francis sent this one over.

Guy: 'Doctor, my girlfriend is pregnant but we always use protection and the condom never broke. How is it possible?'

Doctor: 'Let me tell you a story….There was once a hunter who always carried a gun wherever he went. One day he took his umbrella instead of his gun and went out. A lion suddenly jumped in front of him. The hunter used the umbrella like a gun, and shot the lion and killed it!'

Guy: 'Nonsense! Someone else must have shot the lion.'

Doctor: 'Good! You understood the story. Next patient, please.'