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27th September 2023

Plus 11 foggy and dry when driving in..looks to be a stormy day ahead.

There is something inherently uncomfortable about flying any form of National airline, especially when you are the last and only flight of the day. Yes you guessed BA delayed…and of course never their fault..Anyway so much easier to be like Nico and fly privately!!

There was some sort of good news as we found Mark and Elizabeth Horne waiting for the same flight.. a bottle of wine.. or two.. later we finally took off .. very late.

How often do you wait for your luggage to appear.. always seems to be last one off. Ours took so long that we missed our Pod connection to Terminal 5 car park as they close after 12 and we were meant there before 10... Finally made it home by 3am!.

Clare and I as you know are now back from a week away in Italy.. A huge thank you to my guest bloggers whose contributions I hope you enjoyed reading.. I enjoyed reading the various comments that were sent my way including one who said how medicinal he found them..

Going back to our week away.. it was our only chance, especially after all that has happened over the last 10 months or so to  escape together..

We both just love Italy as a country and the locals are always so keen to help and frankly..unlike some of our closer foreign speaking neighbours don’t seem to be so keen to rip you off!! We love their food and of course their wine!

We flew to Briniski and motored down to the Gallipoli area where we stayed in a charming small hotel that I found on the internet..10 bedrooms and therefore less chance of bumping into fellow Brts!!

The local area was very flat and so unlike Tuscany where we normally creep off to.. Change is always good although next time we will not come down so far South.

Gallipoli is a small historic town full tiny alleyways which seemed to be full of restaurants! And a stunning Cathedral  which is a must visit if in the area.

We spent a day in and around Lucca.

There was only one runner while we were away which makes my life easier or rather Mrs B’s..She hates the fact that I don’t like not being there and worry when you don’t really know first hand what is going on. She has banned me from the gallop camera which is probably a relief to all.. However good your team are and mine are brilliant it is never easy being away..

So a day to catch up on a weeks news and post.. not so much nowadays??

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in to ride out..

Seen on  a grave stone..

Paddy O’Sparks

Amateur Electrician

Green to Earth

Brown to Live

Blue to bits

Rest in Peace..