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27th January 2022

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

I am not sure about London.. Certainly not as busy as it used to be as there were no tourists..I say that, but I almost felt like one..Archie galloped on a treadmill and was videoed doing so.. most revealing..

Thursday morning and as you well know it is our easy one.

There is not a great deal going on here although we do have a couple of runners at Wetherby. Percy Veering and Lady Of The Night head there and for my thoughts please click here.

Sad news to report ..

Poppy Greenway who worked here a couple of years ago died on January 15....

Poppy was a very good rider who we felt would go a long way if she had stayed in racing.. It was not to be as she decided that she would rather look after event horses, and although we rather lost touch with her as a result we did see her bicycling past the drive every day on her way to Withington…

Her Mum Sandy sent this page across to me and I asked her if I can post it.. Please click here to read..

So sad.. A tragic time for her family and all our thoughts are with them at this awful time.

This is one that I might be proud of..

Holyrood howler..

Jings! And, indeed, crivens! The Scottish government’s Twitter team tried to wish people a Happy Burns Night on Tuesday in Gaelic. Alas, the scheme did gang agley. “Oidhche Losgadh Sona”, they posted, perhaps via an online translator, but the middle word is not the poet’s name but what you get from sitting on a fire in a kilt.

On a bad day for Scottish social media, Glasgow city council also tweeted in praise of Burns, inviting visitors to see his “plague” on Argyle Street.