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27th April 2021

Plus 7 and dry when waking in my Hotel near Punchestown..

The hotel used to be a school and frankly nothing has changed since those days as no sooner than we arrived we were locked into our rooms.. Sounds awful, well it is not as it is very comfortable.  

All the English staff over for the races are staying here, so I am not sure my travelling head girl Leigh will be in a hurry to come home..

David Bass and I travelled together and although I drove he did keep me amused, and we both remarked how beautiful Anglesey was while slipping through in bright sunshine..

The ferry was uneventful as the sea was so calm you could have water-skied the whole way.. Something David has not done.. I did suggest he try, although behind a ferry would not be an ideal way to start learning..

David has always been good with the birds.. they certainly crowded round him to share his lunch on the decking.... nuts and corn..

The big day has arrived.. First Flow running in their Champion Chase.. who would have believed that this time last year?. The ground is good and we will be hoping for some sort of natural water to land on the course before 5.25.. it is something that might happen… A cracking days racing in store and for my thoughts on First Flows chances please click here.

We shall be leaving straight after First Flows race to catch the late ferry back to Hollyhead and then driving through the night.. So I should be back for first lot, although David said he has no intention of riding out!

This does mean Maddie will be doing Wednesday’s blog..

This weeks movers and shakers in BHA Handicap Charts are Arthur's Sixpence down 2 to 118, El Presente up 1 to 148, Fubar down 5 to 102, Shinobi down 3 to 122 and The Bull Mccabe up 4 to 130.

Tomorrow afternoon we have the pleasure of welcoming Bob Champion to the yard to add on a few miles in his 40for40 Challenge Anniversary Walk.

Bob, in his personal challenge to celebrate his 40th anniversary year since he and Aldaniti’s great win back in 1981 is walking the distance of 191 miles, a mile a day for the 191 days he spent between diagnosis and receiving the all clear by completing 40 individual walks at various relevant stops.

As ever, Bob is determined to do something to raise much needed funds for the Trust and mark the occasion in style, the walk started the day after this year’s National on April 11th and will finish on 15th May at Aldaniti’s racing home, Downs Stables, Findon.

In doing #Bobs40For40Challenge he aims to raise much needed funds for The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, which has to date raised in excess of £15 million towards cancer research. Bob says:

"My story 40 years ago gave hope to people around the world fighting cancer. I have dedicated my life to the cause and hope that people will support me again on this anniversary walk for the good work my Trust does on a daily basis." - Bob Champion