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27th October 2022

Plus 14 and raining when driving in.

The team of girls who come in to clip our horses have been working double time as it is so mild that the horses are sweating in their boxes if not clipped..

Under normal autumn conditions we would not be worried as it should be far colder and a hairy horse would be able to cope. But not now.

Mia White, our Physiotherapist, was in last night to check on horses muscles and backs.. Mia has been doing or rather looking after my horses for years and spends a great deal of time in the yard..

Every horse is checked on a monthly basis and those who need more have regular massage and treatment are looked at far more often…. Who says that racehorses are not well looked after!

Another record breaking day at the Tattersalls horses in training sales in Newmarket.. The Australians will need more than a Jumbo to fly all their purchases home!

Just in case you missed the result. Ireland beat England in the T20 World Cup yesterday! Do we need to worry?

Thursday and a quiet one as far as the horse front is concerned.. we jumped a few and worked a few yesterday so those had an easy one today.

We have 3 members of staff, and Archie, doing a two day tractor driving course, starting this morning..

We do have 4 runners today.. Mat is heading to Worcester and I am heading to Stratford.. Both courses have dried up since the beginning of the week… Scary to see watering back in Fridays race day descriptions?

Thruthelookinglass heads to Worcester and at Stratford we run Moonlighter, Blue Bear and Samatian and for my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

Don't we just miss Jethro..

To finish.. Happy birthdays to Peter Woodhall and Nicholas Jones..