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27th March 2023

Plus 3 and dry when driving in..

Newbury on Saturday was not as busy as I expected although the owners and trainers was busy enough.

Huw and Richard Davies and friends looked as they were rather enjoying their day until their horse Moonlighter made one of his characteristic mistakes at the open ditch going away from the stands.

So frustrating that he has to make one mistake a race and depending how bad it is depends on where he finishes!!

Historically he has done this all his life and no matter how many sessions he has with the likes of Laura Collett it seems to make no difference!

Talking Laura, we sent El Rio up there this morning to try and iron out a jumping problem. Grand Escaparde also joined ER

Also talking Laura she had her quad-bike stolen right under he nose and on CCTV on Saturday night!!

Yesterdays point to point at Maisemore Park saw One For Rosie and Another Venture win..

The divorce ceremony..