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28th June 2017

Plus 14 and damp when leaving for Birmingham Airport.

Off to Ireland to visit the Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale.

Aiden Murphy (Agent Murphy) has been through the catalogue and commented that they were the best bunch of horses he has seen at any sale for some time. Now that sounds expensive..

I plan on trying to buy one and then come home.. Chances of either today? We shall see..

Anyway here at Thorndale this morning David Bass and Tom Bellamy both came into ride out.. Not sure why as there is not much going on.. They must be bored..

Actually it is very difficult for these jockeys as they need to keep riding out to keep their weight down.. hard when there are not many rides to go around and there are plenty of jockeys after them.. Yes winter will be here soon and we will need them...Tom and David I mean..

This weeks message that started in Ireland on Monday has certainly created some interest..

This latest version comes from Philip Arkwright....

In 1960 it went: Started, farted, slipped and fell, shot the fucker, Sid Fardell.

Moving on to more normal soundings.. Geoffrey Keeys sent this one over having seen it in The Times..

My friend Peter Cove was in town from the United States to talk about his book on welfare reform, Poor No Joke.

He begins his talk with a  good joke…

On my way here, I said to my wife, Lee..

’’Lee did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that one day I’d be invited to London to give a talk to MP’s and Lords?’’

And she replied..

‘’Peter, I hate to tell you this, but your not in my wildest dreams..’’

To finish.. A very happy birthday to Archie Bailey.. 12 today...