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3rd August 2017

Plus 15 and raining when driving in. We had 8 mm here yesterday

Rain.. was it really rain at Goodwood yesterday.. More like monsoon conditions.. some thought that the meeting might have to be cancelled as it was so bad. It was awful and it proved that there is unfortunately a complete opposite to Glorious Goodwood.. Poor Sunblazer was swamped. yes by 35mm ..they had 49 all day!

At Perth were the rain from the previous night had made the ground slightly more holding was at least dry for most part of the day. Red Spinner finished second and was beaten fair and squared by a very well handicapped horse.

The drive home was a long one but it was helped by Paul, whoever he is;  Paul rang on a withheld number extoling the joys of Perth. I do find it odd when people wish to put a point across hide behind withheld numbers .. all rather gutless and pathetic.

So Paul if you are reading this please do the decent thing and be brave.. I am very happy to talk to you but please come out from behind your closet? Having said that you are probably not called Paul either?

Clare and I are heading to Goodwood today. We are heading to Sussex with Keith and Liz Ellis via Westerlands Stud to see their mare Amazing D’Azy and her Kayf Tara Foal.

Leighs blog is back…Yes my travelling Head girl has had a busy summer.

''As the horses start to do a bit more work and the start of the season proper comes closer the summer holidays seem a distant memory!!

I spent a lot of the summer taking horses home for their summer break and picking them up again to come back to work. I also dropped a few to their new homes to start life as riding horses. I enjoy seeing where they go and try to keep an eye on their progress as they start their second careers.

I also went to Ascot sales for the first time since Tattersalls have taken over it. I was impressed with the few changes they have made to improve the parade ring. There is more space to show off the horses on a better surface, rather than having to lead them round on the concrete.

I made a first ever visit to Goodwood which was an experience!! An old fashioned stable yard in stunning grounds made it worth the long trip down, however the stable yard is a considerable distance from the racecourse itself and I found it wasn't very well signed!! Luckily there were plenty of people around to help me and it's quite straightforward once you know where to go. 

I have missed out on the most recent trip to Goodwood as I am writing this in the sunshine at Perth racecourse.  I enjoy coming here as everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The Lodge Accomodation has improved again, good quality food at low prices and a bar that stays open all night!! There is also a custom made track inside the racetrack to exercise the horses and large well ventilated stables for them to stay in.

A quick note on stable staff week. A good idea with vouchers and prizes available for staff and a good way to promote the industry, however why not do one in the winter too? A lot of jumps yards are quiet in the summer and so the staff are missing out on these opportunities.

This video was sent in by Rodney S.. Caption read..Not previously shown video clip of David Bass riding in Basque country..

To finish.. Sorry Sandra Arkwright.. I forgot your birthday too....