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28th July 2022

Plus 13 and dry when driving in..

Yesterdays blog had Mat tearing his hair out and banging on the table....

He just could not understand how on earth I could be so positive about Women’s Football….

We had an open debate with David Bass and Ciaran Gethings after they had finished riding out.. David suggested that the England finalist would possibly beat Swindon Town and possibly come close to beating Nottingham Forest.. we can you imagine what Mat said..?? Not printable!.. As a result Ciaran left before making further suggestions..

I cannot see Mat watching the final.. England v Germany.. what better.... well he could be racing, which would sort that for him.

Talking strong language.. this bit of news in the Racing Post was just so wrong..Racing is worried about its image, well this did not help.. Surely it would have been better to have had both jockeys in to the Stewards Room and told them to keep their strong language to themselves.. a slap on the wrist....A two day ban for swearing at the start is certainly not a punishment that fits the crime.. A whip ban would hardly be stronger.. Common sense out of the window again!

We have a horse here by Telescope out of Jennifer Eccles and a name was suggested..

Sadly the reply came from Weatherbys naming department was..

‘Dear Mr Bailey..

Thank you for your recent application for the name Test Eccles..

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you this name is unavailable as the Rules Of Racing preclude the registration of any name which would cause confusion in the administration of racing or betting..

I would therefore be grateful if you could submit an alternative name..

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.'.. The Names Team at Weatherbys.

Breaking news from yesterday.. The start of things to come?

Back to today..

Gwen Meacham was here third lot to see her KBRS horses Charming Getaway, Gerard Mentor and Voyburg.

Gillian Clough was here to see her KBRS horse Does He Know.

John and Laura Garrett were also here to see their KBRS horses Magical Escape, Gerard Mentor, Fair Frontieres and their own horses Captain Rose and The Bull McCabe.

We have one runner today at Stratford.. Shinobi runs there over fences and for my thoughts please click here.

Clare and I are off to Goodwood today.. It is our annual outing as guests of Keith and Liz Ellis.. Always a fun day.. I love racing at Goodwood.. Stunning course in the most beautiful part of the countryside...

The Commonwealth Games start tonight.. well the opening ceremony is on at 8pm..

Lord, give me Coffee to change the things I can change and Wine to accept the things I can't..