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27th August 2019

Plus 14 and dry when driving in. Very misty in the valley below.

A record breaking weekend and yes it was hot here too.

Todays racing news..

ITV racing might be losing its crown jewels, well flat racings at least, as they are in discussion with Ascot as to whether they keep their coverage.. It would be a huge shame if Ascot and ITV were to part.

The other big news is that Paul and Clare Rooney are cutting back on their racing commitments and reducing the size of their string.

About 25 of their horses will be heading to Doncaster’s Goffs sales in September including the two horses that we currently have in training for the Rooney’s ..the bumper winning mare The Milan Girl and an unraced mare called Catch Me Not.. If anybody is interested in either of these two horses please do get in touch.

Graham Potts our vet was in this morning for his Tuesday visit. while Helen Hibbert was herev third lot to see her KBRP horse Shantou Express.

Yesterdays email from Paul which said..'Your blog about racing is informative, but I do not think the racing fan who reads your blog is remotely interested in cricket.' has certainly created some interest..

Mark was quick off the mark with this...

No no keep it as it, add football and rugby etc in for sure , I start my day with a dog walk , Kim's blog and a cup of tea! I have 15 friends who love the joke or fact of the day. I have found places to eat because of your words and places to visit It's interesting watching your horses progress. Your views on the state of racing are always interesting Keep up the good work !

I wake up and the first thing I do is read your blog. It is informative and often amusing..Please keep it up..Steve

It is your web site and your blog can write about what you want.... I enjoy it and so do many others.... Mat.

I have read most racing web sites and I still read yours daily..It is one of the best.. I love all sport.. John

I never miss reading the blog, even based here in Sydney. We don’t have much jump racing down under (we met at Cheltenham) but I enjoy reading the stories, jokes, but not about the cricket!. Bob..

Found in today Times...As wickets fell in Leeds, one man made a wordplay out of the drama.

Benedict Bermange, the Sky Sports statistician, tweeted that England’s last three batsmen formed the real name of Cary Grant.

Well, they did if you said Archer-Broad-Leach with a slur, which most people at the Test did by that stage.