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28th September 2020.

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

The first frost on my windscreen of the autumn.. Scrap and drive..  Winter is on the way..

You have to admit that was a pretty stunning autumnal weekend

Saturday afternoon was spent walking round Ian Wills's fields with a few mates including the rather good photographer Nico Wills.. Much to learn off him..

Archie won his last two cricket matches of the year U16 and U19.. That means he has won two medals for being on the winning sides for Dumbleton. T20 Gloucestershire.

My old county did not do too badly either

Blazon behaved and went into the stalls without a problem at Nottingham yesterday.. He finished down the field...Now we hope the handicapper will drop him to a level that might help him when he goes winter racing on the all weather.

Archie was home for the weekend.. Lunch yesterday with Simon Claisse and Annabel England at Upton Smokery

Here is a very interesting insight to the Australian way of selling and preparing their breeze up horses..Click here to watch

Monday morning and fresh horses.

I was in Lambourn early with Rocky’s Treasure and my unnamed Schiaparelli/ Miniture Rose filly..

Norman Carter was here third lot to see his mare Diamond Gait and visit his new horse Samatian .. Samatian is currently in the field in Andoversford with all my youngsters.. another couple of weeks holiday for them, then term starts.

Todays non virus video nasty..