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29th April 2023

Plus 5 and dry when driving in. Fog in the valley below..

David Bass was in to ride out for the last time of the 2022/2023 jumps season.. Yes it all finishes today at Sandown.. It has been a long and in many respects difficult winter..

Anyway let’s move on..

Garry and Tracy Betley were here to see their KBRS horse Phantom Getaway

We jumped a few of the youngsters before they head out to grass for their summer holidays.

How good is Constitution Hill? State Man won the Irish Champion Hurdle fairy easily at Punchestown yesterday.. He would be unbeaten in his native country (6 out of 7) bar for falling on his first hurdle start, but found CH far far too good for him at Cheltenham.

Today at Sandown Jump racing celebrates its end of season party.. Prize giving for all sections of the sport.

We have one last runner for the season and that is my favourite horse in First Flow.. trying a new trip as needs must, but it would great to see him go out on a high.. For my thoughts please click here.

Sandown bizarre ground.. The flat course was unsafe for racing and abandoned yesterday and todays ground on the chase course will be good.. They have watered all week and that rain should make it safe good jumping ground..

I love this quote from Angus Walker. Now that I'm over 50 my doctor says I should go out and get more fresh air and excercise. I said 'All right I will drive with the car window open'

Really important to laugh

To finish..

Leigh has written a short blog on First Flow..

As it comes to First Flow’s last run I have been reflecting on his long career and how this season has been one of change. 

It is strange being a travelling person as you handle every horse but do not have your own to get attached to. However I realised that while Flow has had 3 different people look after him; I have been with him through every step of his career.

I picked him up from Lambourn when Kim first bought him; he took half an hour to load! (A sign of things to come!) and I have been with him every time he has run. From those first few runs where he wouldn’t leave the stable yard to today, when he will go out like a pro. I have figured out what he likes and doesn’t (I always plait at home as he doesn’t like being bothered at the races!)

It will be very strange without him, especially as we have retired a lot of the older horses this season. It is hard not to get attached to the ones that have been around a long time, particularly when they are quirky. ..

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend..and see you on Monday..