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28th May 2019

Plus 9 and damp when driving in....We had welcome rain last night.

It is a long way to the part of Devon we went to yesterday. It was a fun visit, even if a cold one.. Archie finished 4th in his first pony race of his season.

The drive home was better than anticipated, although heavy, it moved.. not sure how good it would have been if we were another hour later..

I am pleased to see that Hughie Morrison and his team have added his horse Telecaster to the Derby runners for Saturday..

A dream for Hughie and one that will keep him awake for most of the nights before Saturday.. Bold effort and good luck to them..Telecaster would be a very popular winner.

With not many runners there will still be the odd horse to move in this weeks BHA handicap charts and they are..Robin The Raven down 1 to 142, Sunblazer down 3 to 73 on the flat while Thibault goes up 8 for his win last week at Huntingdon to 115.

The Cricket World Cup starts on Thursday and England duly thrashed Afghanistan yesterday, but a wake up call was given by Australia when they beat us on Saturday. It is going to be a stunning event.

Having spent a few days in a hotel in Doncaster last week..

A Well Run Business

Me: I was doing an overnight at a hotel away from home & I took my computer down to the bar to do some work. I sat down
and asked the bartender, ‘What’s the ''wifi'' password?’

Bartender:  'You need to buy a drink first.'

Me: 'Okay, I’ll have a beer.'

Bartender: 'We have Guinness on tap.'

Me:'Sure. How much is that?'

Bartender: '£7.00.'

Me: 'Here you are. OK now, what’s the ''wifi'' password?'

Bartender: "youneedtobuyadrinkfirst"; No spaces and all lowercase.'