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3rd June 2019

Plus 10 and dry when driving to Bristol Airport at 3.45 .

Yes by the time you read this Clare and I, all being well, should be on a Ryanair flight to Ibiza…!

Time for a 4 day break.

The good news is that Clare’s broken ribs should be fully recovered and ready for some late nights and heavy partying until the early hours.. Clubbing in Pasha…? We are actually staying in Casa De La Pau..

Archie finished 3rd in his pony race on Saturday at Garthorpe.

Good to see an old member of staff in Tyler Daintith and one of Mergeela's owners Bob Mackenzie.. Bob has a share in this recent KBRP's Wincanton bumper winner..

A long way to go and back and then we headed back to just outside Towcester to stay with Clare’s Brother on Saturday night..

Yes a late one and then yesterday lunch with Johnny Ruck Keene to celebrate his birthday..  Laura fed us well and Johnny’s old mates we all in attendance. Mikey and Ginny Elliott, Patrick and Sarah Bailey (no relation), Martin and Kate F-G and James Mayhew and Cathy T-FD. We have all known each other for a very long time!

The Derby on Saturday was a fabulous race. A great finish and yet again Aiden O’Brien won.. number 7 for him and equals the record set some years ago... Aiden will of course win this great race again and the record will be his.

We listened to the race on Radio 5 live while driving home.. the coverage was awful.. they just about told us who won between the match at Twickenham.. Sad that it took until I got home to find out who finished in the places… The good news is that 1.7 million people watched the coverage on ITV..

Maddie in charge of my blog for the rest of the week.. Maddie who is just back from a holiday in Rome starts work at 9am...

To finish.. Happy birthday Johnny.. a very good lunch yesterday...Thanks..