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4th June 2019

Plus 9 when driving in, somewhat different to what I have been used to!

I have been out of the office for a few days on holiday exploring Rome. An amazing city with so much to see, I'm not sure how far I walked but I am feeling like I need another holiday to get over it!

Kim and Clare are off enjoying themselves in Ibiza, not somewhere I have been myself but I have heard plenty about what an amazing place it is, I wonder if they will be in the quieter picturesque area or clubbing central......?

Back in the yard and most of the horses and staff are off enjoying their holidays to. It is a quiet time with runners but there is still plenty to do on the yard to get everything fresh and clean for when they all come back in. 

No runners today and the only mover in the handicaps is Arthur's Sixpence plus 5 to 107.