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29th June 2022

Plus 13 and damp when driving in.

For many years watching Wimbledon I was never a huge fan of Rafael Nadal.. Very much a fan of the clean living Roger Federer, and when it came to the women, Serena Williams was probably not on my list either.. Both fantastic players and as time marches on watching them play yesterday I was hoping both would win.

Age has caught us all up and both Nadal and Williams still play with such passion and determination. They both have those steely eyes, and yes while Nadal sailed though in his own way, Williams did not, but for over 3 hours she gave her best..

We will probably never see the like of her again, but both matches made fabulous viewing...

Amazingly 9 Brits made it through to the next round.

Today brings the top Brits of Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray back in action..

Delighted to see my horses looking so well with Martin Jones yesterday..Sammy showed off my boys who looked happy and very well.. Another 10 days or so and they will be back here for a break and out at grass before their new life starts..

2019 gelding by Jack Hobbs x Miss Mobet.....2019 gelding by Court Cave x Aimigayle... 2019 Gelding by Black Sam Bellamy x Presenting Taupo...All are for sale.. Please ring Peter Kerr on 07901763643 or here on 01242890241 for more details..

I called in on the way home to 'take coffee' with John and Laura Garrett..I need to watch The Field.......Where to watch

Michael Vaughan has stepped down.. very dissapointing..

More slippery ground woe at Hamilton yesterday when a couple of horses slipped and racing was abandoned.. well the last race.

Racecourse attendances down again..

Good news on Josh Moore at last.. All too easy to forget the dangers jockeys and especially jump jockeys go to while riding our horses..

Talking jockeys..

David Bass was in to ride out.

We have a runner later today at Worcester, Tantoli runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

I just love this quote..

Kate Bush is top of the Charts, Top Gun is the number one movie, Shop Stewards are demanding strikes, we have hyperinflation rates, and we are in a cold war with Russia  

If Bobby Ewing steps out the shower, I’ll know the last 40 years was all a dream.

To finish on a very sad note..The cancer campaigner, blogger, broadcaster and former teacher, Dame Deborah James, has died aged 40... I along with many millions of others supported her charity appeal..she was so brave..