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31st July 2020

Plus 20 when driving in, it's going to be a hot one!

What a beautiful couple of days we have had with the weather, long may it continue although the last thing we need is rattling firm ground.

Catherine Salthouse was here third lot to see the Jockey Club Cheltenham & SW Syndicate horse Hes No Trouble.  

We have had a few new faces join the team this week, I will try and get some photos to introduce you all this morning. 

I realise that I never did a Covid-19 blog experience for you and I don't plan to go into it now but what I will say is that it was a horrible experience, I've never felt so ill before and if it weren't for the support from fellow "Covider" Peter Kerr, it would have been much harder to get through. I find it so strange how the virus affects different people, some experience horrible symptoms and others seem to not even contract it, although I feel that the media makes the whole situation worse. 

My final restaurant recommendation before Kim returns with the jokes tomorrow is.....Kibou Sushi who are now moving into a much larger place, they are taking over from Carluccio's. If you have ever been you will know that it is ridiculously hard to get a table on saturday nights and it is always rather cramped but now with this even bigger venue there will be more chances to enjoy their delicious sushi more often!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.