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28th September 2017

Plus 13 and damp..Yes drizzling when driving in.

Thursday is our easy day. Plenty worked yesterday.

Silver Kayf and First Flow worked.

Tom and Rose Manns called in for a first visit around the yard.. good to see them

Tucked away on page 5 in today Racing Post is a column that headlines..’Levy Board agrees to boost prize-money by £8.2m’.. Yes I can see why that is tucked away on page 5 as it is good news.. A step in the right direction for a change.

Headlines of most of the daily papers is all about Ryanair and their disastrous pilot holiday problems.. Christmas cancelled..

War has been declared.. Strange headlines but one that announces that Godolphin and Coolmore are taking each other on at Goffs Orby Sales.. More records broken.

Cricket has hit the headlines again for the wrong reason. Oh Ben Stokes.. not good news for England ahead of the Ashes..We or rather England did win the ODI series last night on DWL by 6 runs thanks to Moeen Ali... again..that was good news.

Also good news was that Essex have gone through the season unbeaten and finished their season by thrashing Yorkshire..

Paul Kellar sent this over..

1: How to interview an Accountant:
    Q: What is the value of 2+2?
    A1: '4' Fail. You do not require absolute accuracy.
    A2: 'Any number other than 4'  Fail. You do require competence.
    A3: 'Well, what sort of answer did you have in mind?' Pass and offer job.

2: A crossword clue from the FT ( known to accountants as 'The Sporting Pink'):
    'Pay attention to a perversion' (5,2,4,4) 

Answer will be provided for tomorrow's edition.

To finish.. Apologies to TUMCB.. I forgot to mention that it was your birthday yesterday.. Happy birthday for yesterday...