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28th September 2019

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in this morning to ride work and jump a couple...

Chester Williams, who is one of my conditional jockeys is in France today riding for his mother Jane at Auteuil.. He was second last time on Fox Pro and hopes to go one better today.

Quentin and Christine Bevan were here second lot to watch their horse Fubar preform up the gallops.

Sue Maine was here second lot to watch her KBRP horse Shinobi do his stuff..

What a week.. Yesterday Haydock had to abandon racing half way through their card due to torrential rain making the ground heavy and dangerous. Winter like conditions at Worcester.

Archie, Pandora and I visited Clare last night.. Tracking her down is usually the first problem as yesterday she made her 4th ward change..and there will be another today.. I am certainly getting to know my way around Gloucester Hospital.

Pandora is talking The Last Samuri for his first team chase tomorrow ..His show jumping has been good, but team chasing is the nearest thing to racing..

TLS has really settled with my daughter and tomorrow will be a huge day for them both..

Blame Tom Lacey.

A blonde gets on an airplane and sits down in the first class section of the plane.

The stewardess rushes over to her and tells her she must move to coach because she doesn't have a first class ticket.

The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job, and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica."

The disgusted stewardess gets the head stewardess who asks the blonde to leave.

The blonde yet again repeats "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica."

The head stewardesses doesn't even know what to do at this point because they still have to get the rest of the passengers seated to take off; the blode is causing a problem with boarding now, so the stewardess gets the copilot.

The copilot goes up to the blonde and whispers in her ear. She immediately gets up and goes to her seat in the coach section.

The head stewardess asks the copilot in amazement what he said to get her to move to her correct seat. The copilot replies,

"I told her the front half of the airplane wasn't going to Jamaica."

To finish..

I was asked yesterday if I would mind having a horse named after me...

John Elliot is naming his horse a 3 year old.. KCBailey..

After several emails I eventually agreed, but I did ask asked him if he would refrain from gelding him..

John replied.. that should not be a problem...KCBailey is a filly!!

I am in training with Alistair Whillans ..

Have a good weekend and see some of you tomorrow?