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29th December 2020

0 degrees and snowing when driving in.

Firstly my mistake.. yesterdays blog date was Sunday not Monday.. You must have wondered why we had snow 24 hours before most of the Cotswolds!

Talking snow we had enough yesterday to cause a few headaches and one that I solved, probably unnecessarily, was to send today runners to Newbury yesterday afternoon..

My local forecast is for heavy snow this morning and knowing how the Thorndale drive catches it, as do the local roads.. and Birdlip Hill is notorious for being shut for the slightest snow flurry, I decided to ask Leigh to come in and take our three runners overnight…. Then of course there was the possibility of an inspection at 8.30 this morning at Newbury.. That was cancelled so racing goes ahead..

Nicky Henderson is entering a short shutdown following Altior's defeat at Kempton on Sunday.. Found to have had a dirty scope..

Nicky is rightly worried about some of his string.. Having said that he is currently running at 23% with his last 35 runners.. most trainers would be very happy with that percentage..

Nicky still has runners at Newbury today.. well at the moment he does..

Horses are not machines and how often have a you heard the saying.. ‘’If only horses could talk..’’

Machines or not we run Commodore Barry, Does He Know and Shanacoole Prince at Newbury today and for my thoughts please click here.

Graham Potts, our vet, was in for his Tuesday visit..

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts were..Adjourned down 1 to 108, Hes No Trouble down 3 to 117, Imperial Icon down 1 to 109, Miss Gemstone down 2 to 101, Prince Llywelyn down 1 to 108 and Wandrin Star down 1 to 140.

Christmas presents.. Thank you letters..

I look forward to reading Sarah Munro- Ashmans's to her husband Gordon..

Gordon gave Sarah a share in our KBRS new horse the 3 year old by Sir Percy..  Happy days Sarah..Welcome back..

Sarah (Wilkinson) used to have a horse called Brig with me when I first started .. The time between her two involvements is long enough for several changes of governments... Gordon and Sarah run Bucklebury Equestrian..

Thanks to Joshua Moore for sending this over..

he said.. 'I event but I study French and Russian so I’ve done a bit of European history and I thought of Napoléon and Peter the Great as two military leaders who have statues on rearing horses but didn’t die in battle (Napoléon in Rouen and Peter the Great in St Petersburg).Wikipedia on Equestrian statues.'

So it proves yesterday fact was incorrect..

So I will try another and wait to be proved wrong..

In Shakespeare's  time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. 

When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on.

Hence the  phrase...'Goodnight, sleep tight'

Todays non virus video nasty..