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29th December 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in. 7mm of rain here yesterday.

The forecast for the weekend is certainly not dry..

The BHA in their wisdom have made it racing law that all racehorses have to be flu vaccinated twice a year…

We always vaccinate our horses in the summer, but then 6 months later they have to be vaccinated again, which not really that easy when you are planning to run horses over the same period. It would be easier just to shut up shop for a couple of weeks and inject all the horses at the same time.. but life in not that easy.

This is a nightmare that all jump trainers face..Far easier for most flat trainers as unless they have all weather runners they know where you are.

Every horse has to be injected by a vet and that vet is then meant to inform the BHA that he has done them.. We were caught out when one of our vets decided to head to New Zealand for Christmas and forgot to inform the BHA that he had injected General Hubble, which meant an NQ at Uttoxeter this weekend..

Thankfully we tracked the vet down while on his holiday in NZ and he then emailed the BHA to confirm that GH had had his injection, so General Hubble is now eligible to run, but not at Uttoxeter.

Rather fortuitously Warwick added a couple of hurdle races to their New Years Eve card due to the fact that their chase course is unraceable, so General Hubble can now race on the same day as Uttoxeter, but at Warwick, which helps many of his owners who had already made plans to attend the races that day..

It was a pretty miserable day here yesterday but the racing highlight was watching last seasons Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Galopin Des Champs hose up in the Savills Chase at Leopardstown.. He looked awesome..

We have no runers today..

We do though have our usual Friday vet visit.. one day he will just call in for a coffee!

I hope this is wrong..

This joke from this years Edinburgh fringe made me cuckle..

Cats are like strippers – they sit on your lap and make you think they love you.