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30th January 2023

Plus 3 and dry when driving in.

Thanks for all the emails and texts from Saturdays Morning Opening Show.. Annoyingly Mat and Aamilah’s interviews never made the show, it would have been an even better show if they had!

Stuart and Rosie Ballantyne made a great double act..Peter Kerr has had a few emails from his part played. All in all it was good for Thorndale..

Our runners at Uttoxeter really did not run well...slight worry. Tregele ran an encouraging race at Southwell yesterday, although I am not a 100% sure he ran through the line. He looked the winner turning for home.. he finished 5th.

John Perriss bought lot 19 Von Hallers at the Cheltenham Tattersalls sales on Saturday after racing. . This lovely looking mare by Presenting is closely related to Younevercall..Yet again prices were strong..

Yesterday I drove Archie to Malvern after he had finished his Gloucester Cricket training in Bristol.

Two weeks ago I did the same journey and the River Severn had burst its banks and the flood plains all around Tewkesbury were well flooded.

The Severn had burst its banks through Upton Upon Severn and you had to bypass the roads close to the river as they were well under water.. Yesterday it was all back to normal.. The water has gone!

South Africa beat England in yesterdays ODI.. They win the series.

Very British exaggerations. We have all said at least one of them..

1. The wind nearly blew me away

2. The queue was a mile long

3. I've told you a million times

4. I stepped in a puddle about a foot deep

5. I've been on hold for hours

6. The bread is rock hard

7. I've got about a 1000 emails this morning

8. It was fun..

It was our newest team member Aamilah Aswat's birthday yesterday.