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30th March 2020

Just about plus 1 and dry first thing this morning.

I don’t believe I have felt as cold as I have over the last two days all winter.. It was a biting wind and the wind chill factor made it feel as it had a minus in front of it.

Perhaps there was no sense of urgency when walking up the hill to ward off the cold.

I spent yesterday morning in my office, as I always do on a Sunday; talking, emailing or voice texting to my owners.

It usually takes about 3 hours and on occasions I say to Mat 'this is taking too long'. And as he rightly points out.. if it takes less time then it is because we have less horses...

This week, with no Mat leaning over me, I was certainly talking my time as it is hugely important to talk and communicate to my owners, who like me, are isolated.. I am lucky as I can at least creep up to the office when nobody is about.

Home for Sunday lunch.. Bloody Mary always before .. well that is if I am not racing..

I pride myself on my Bloody Mary and Martini making, so much so that some years ago I was asked to judge the Gloucester Pub/Restaurant  Bloody Mary Competition.. 17 pubs and 17 bloody Mary’s.. It was a bloody miracle I was able to judge a winner.. I did.. At least I think I did!

Clare and I invited a couple of old mates  for drinks last night.. Mikey and Ginny Elliot joined us for a bottle of wine.. on Facetime..Not that Clare could taste it..actually not even sure I shared 'my wine' with them anyway?

Encouraging news re the resumption of racing..

Mat football questions sadly failed to attract a huge audience response..

Here are the answers.. well Mat's answers as I certainly would not know..

1 Roque Santa Cruz
2 Robin Vin Persie
3 Schweinsteiger
4 Sigurdsson
5 Carragher
6 Claude Makalele
7 Moussa Sissoko
8 Pat Rice
9 Luca Modric
10 Wilfed Bony
11 Caludio Pizzaro
12 Mario Balotelli
13 Jari Litmanen
14 Jermain Penant
15 Juss Jasskelainen
16 Giovani Dos Santos
17 Ilky Gundogan
18 Gaston Ramirez
19 Aaron Ramsey
20 David Luiz
21 Cameron Jerome
22 Kevin Prince Boateng
23 Hermain Herriderson
24 Angel Di Maria
25 Angel Rangel
26 Britt Assombalonga

I have printed off your answers and Mat will judge,  and I will announce through tomorrows blog who is the winner, and who is lucky person who will be here for 'a morning on the gallops afollwed by Maddie's cooked breakfast.'.

Today's non virus video nasty comes from my sister Moo, via her daughter Clover in Mumbai..