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1st May 2020

It was plus 6 and dry first thing this morning. April showers yesterday and more promised today.

The big move..All the horses (bar 4) in the yard and that includes all those horses who have been coming in and out of all my paddocks head down to Owdeswell Manor in Andoversford for their full time summer holidays.

Silver Kayf headed to an early retirement yesterday.

SK has now moved North to spend his non racing life with one of his original KBRP owners Steve Adams;  Steve's daughter Vicky is going to love and cherish Lenny..

Good old Capt Tom.. 100 yesterday and what a day for him and the country.. £32 million raised by walking. Extraordinary..

Capt Tom's birthday was not spent reading all 140k birthday cards, but answering hundreds of questions from press and TV companies all round the world..

I am sure by the time he finished he was ready to say something unprintable after being asked ‘how does it feel?' so often.. It was not quite a Mick Fitzgerald moment.. one that he then turned into a book title.. Well perhaps it was ?

Latest update as to when racing will start again.

As promised Chris Broad has kindly taken up the mantle of the Kim Bailey Racing Community spirit..

After watching Kim and Clare’s raw egg challenge on Twitter and liking it, I got a message from Kim asking me if I would contribute to his daily racing blog.

Jane, my wife, tells me that Kim’s blog is one of the best out there, me, I’m too busy to read it; well I was until March 18th!

Mr Bailey informed me to keep this blog like hearted so I need to get this off of my chest. 

A couple of years ago whilst on a fishing trip I nearly fell into the River Tay (Islamouth) laughing at his attempt to hit a golf ball over to the opposite bank in front of at least a dozen fellow guests.  Someone had given him an exploding golf ball to tee up to....... Not me guv!

In these troubled times that we are living my daily routine of life has dramatically changed, along with everyone else’s. I have learnt to adapt to a different routine which means not getting up at 4.30am to a very comfortable 7am.  I am taking plenty of exercise, walking & biking most days. 

The vegetable garden is looking good and productive, way ahead of schedule and also playing shepherd to Jane’s flock of pedigree Lleyn ewes and lambs.  I’ve also attempted a small amount of cooking, so if you need any advice Cookie (Mrs B) don’t be frightened to ask.

As soon as lockdown came, I have been picking up prescriptions from the doctors and delivering to anyone who is in total isolation or the elderly within the parish.

I’ve taken to ringing my jockeys every 2 or 3 weeks, 21 professionals and a few amateurs to check on their wellbeing and how they are coping with this crisis and hopefully chatting always gives a positive frame of mind. 

Some of the jockeys are riding out for flat trainers; others are working on the land and manual jobs just to earn a bit of money but mainly to keep themselves busy. 

Some jockeys have gone back to their primate/caveman rolls judging by their facial hair..........David Bass!  

I am also ringing the trainers that the lads ride for as I have spoken to them on a daily basis in the NH season, some numerous times a day.  

Below is how a normal morning may pan out at Thorndale Stables.

7.30am, speak to Kim or Matt, giving them a ground update on any of the courses that they have entries at.

8am I enquire, any running plans for tomorrow?  Reply, not sure, ring back later.

8.30am Well Matt, running anything?  Matt replies, not sure yet, I need to speak to the governor.

8.40am Well Mr Bailey, made up your mind yet?   No, need to speak to the owners.

9.10am Me, Any news yet? (Matt or Kim).  Ring us back after 9.30 with possible runners in our races.   Ok.

9.33am Well?  What’s the ground they enquire?  The same as it was at 7.30am I tell them!

9.45am. I ring Matt, any decisions yet?  I can’t get hold of Mr Bailey he replies.

9.49am I take a call from David Bass.  Where the F**k am I going tomorrow?  I reply, I don’t know yet.

9.53am Ring Mr Bailey, line engaged.

9.57am Mr Bailey rings to say, no runners tomorrow!

Me............ Sigh

9.58am Mr Bailey rings, changed our minds,  it runs!

On that note this will be my first and most likely only contribution to this blog.

Health is wealth, take good care.  Chris Broad.

Thanks Chris.. Excellent..

To finish.. Happy Birthday to my first cousin Karen Newbury.. Belinda Cullen and it would also have been my father Ken's birthday.. he would have made Capt Tom look a spring chicken..

Todays non virus video nasty..