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29th June 2019

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

A scorcher ahead..

Having spent over half the week away I missed the torrential rain that fell on Monday, Tuesday and a bit of Wednesday. Anyway I was pleased to see that the horses in the fields had weathered the rain and frankly walking around the fields they looked well, but the ground was bone dry..

As I mentioned yesterday we start bringing horses back into training next week which for some will be a relief as the horse flies are now very much out and about.. Horrid creatures.. I am sure there is a reason why they appear and I am sure they have a purpose, but not when they attach themselves to me or my horses..

A big weekend of World Cup cricket.

England face a must win game tomorrow at Edgbaston against India.. It is going to be a tough one and they local support will probably be for India..The only good news is that they will be playing in better weather conditions tomorrow than Australia and New Zealand the will face at Lords today, where it is forecasted to be well over 30 degrees..

A carry on from yesterday birthday theme..

Your friends compliment you On your new alligator shoes And you're barefoot!

A sexy babe catches your fancy ...And your pacemaker opens the garage door!

You don't care where your spouse goes . Just as long as you don't have to go along.

You are cautioned to slow down...By the doctor instead of by the police

'Getting lucky' means you find your car  In the parking lot.

An 'all-nighter' means not getting up...To use the bathroom.

Your sweetie says..'Let's go upstairs and make love'
And you answer: 'Pick one, I can't do both!'

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.. Mrs B wants me to take her to Glastonbury..