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30th June 2021

Plus when drinking my morning coffee.

The Bull Mccabe ran very well to finish second, jumped great but was a little outpaced and needs further.

Yesterday was a good day, I walked around the fields with Matt looking at all of the horses in fields, they look well. Not long now and we may actually start to get a few in, especially the ones who have been indulging more than others!!

Late morning we have Peter & Wendy Band here to the horses in the fields

I am very pleased to announce the winner of our Five To Follow competition is our own Will Hodkinson - clearly he is paying more attention in the yard than some of us who couldn't even get to 100 points (I really thought I had a good line up this year!)

Anyway, many congratulations to Will. 

Matt is heading off for lunch with David and Julie Martin before seeing their horses on holiday. 

Today is David Bass' birthday. I remember David from when he came to work for Richard Phillips many many years ago, lots has changed since then. Recovering well from his collarbone operation I doubt he will be celebrating with a drumming session - Happy Birthday Disco Dave!!