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30th May 2018

Plus 13 and pouring with rain when driving in. 

In fact it rained most of the night judging by the large pools of water on the roads.

I went to Cheltenham yesterday afternoon to have my eyes tested yesterday but they could not see me.. odd one..

I then went to pick up my fishing gear from Paddy Hoar who had kindly brought it all down from Scotland.. From there on to see John and Penny Perriss and their horses. They looked well in the gloom after a good bottle of wine..The horses I mean....The Perriss's always look well..

David Bass was in this morning and although there are not that many here horse wise, we did work Sonneofpresenting, Sublazer, Minella Warrior and Little Chunk.

We jumped Little Chunk and Dandy Dan over fences.

Two of the horses who are here run tonight at Warwick.

Both horses Involve and General Picton should probably have a handicap mark as they have run three times, but for some reason the nice handicapper has not given them one so they must run again to merit a rating..added cost for no reason?

Anyway for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

I will be heading to Cheltenham again this afternoon, before heading to Warwick .. I will be looking at the horses that come up for sale tomorrow at Tattersalls Cheltenham sales..

What is our racing world coming to when Andrew Bentley is fined £300 for hitting Cheltenham's head of marketing Matthew Foxton-Duffy at Cheltenham just after the Cheltenham Gold Cup.. Eve Johnson- Houghton is respectful and a very good trainer.. anyway she was verbally abused by some men who had taken more drink than they should have at Salisbury on Saturday night.. yes welcome to racing…

Dennis McDonald sent this thought over. A Scottish joke Dennis?

Marriage is akin to a pack of cards..

At the start you only need 2 hearts and a diamond..

30 years on all you need is a club and a spade.