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31st May 2022

Plus 7 and dry when driving in.

Lingfield became the latest racecourse to abandon their meeting after a few races because of slippery or unsafe ground..

Graham Potts was in this morning for his Tuesday vet visit..This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are..Shantou Express down 2 to 133 while Ajero entered with an opening hit of 89 on the flat.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend/Bank holiday is almost upon us.. Time to celebrate a truly remarkable person.. We have our own Jubilee Beacon on the top of Withington Hill by the Trig Point (the field behind the top of our all weather gallop) on Thursday night....9.15 the lighting.. all are welcome...

Lester Piggott's career has been all over the papers.. He was a national icon .. well he certainly was for racing..

There are so many great Lester Piggott quotes.. here are 5 of my thoughts on his best..

After riding a winner for one of the Easterby brothers Lester turned to the trainer and said "Where's my present?" The trainer replied "I'm only a poor farmer, I can't afford to give you a present" Lester retorted with "Give me a sack of potatoes then!"

Jeremy Tree (trainer): I've got to speak to my old school, Lester, and tell them all I know about racing. What should I tell them? Lester Piggott: Tell 'em you've got the flu.

Lester asked Willie Carson if he would lend him 20 quid which Willie duly did. Two weeks later Willie approached Lester nervously and asked, "Can I have that £20 back please" to which Piggot replied "I haven't spent it yet!"

Ben Leigh who trained in Lambourn was not happy with the way Lester had ridden his horse and told him .. 'You will never ride for me again'.. Lester replied ‘I had better pack up then.’

Last but not least..A good jockey doesn't need orders and a bad jockey couldn't carry them out anyway; so it's best not to give them any... That was Lester, not David Bass who said that..

Lester's best 10 rides..

Being typically BRITISH:

Indicating that you want the last roast potato by trying to force everyone else to take it.

Knowing that putting the kettle on in a crisis will calm the situation down.

The overwhelming sorrow of finding a cup of tea you forgot about

Turning down a cup of tea for no reason and instantly knowing you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake

Suddenly remembering your tea and necking it like a massive, lukewarm shot.

To finish.. Happy birthdays to my father in law Freddie Wills and my son in law James Lovett..