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30th May 2023

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

Mat and John Perriss enjoyed their day at Cartmel.. They said that they were brilliantly looked after and everybody were so friendly.

Cartmel is a very unique racecourse as it is extremely tight and you watch from a big screen in the paddock as you could not possible see anything other wise.

Sadly I Spy A Diva hated the tight turns and the undulations and just struggled to get into a rhythm..It was a bit of an after thought to go there because of their excellent prize money, but it was not to be… their journey home was a long one though..John has now had a runner on every jump course in the country..

David Bass joked on Saturday that he was worried that he might ride a finish too soon when racing over 3 miles at Cartmel and sadly that happened yesterday.. Not to David but to a 3lb claiming jockey Charlotte Jones.. She rode out to win her race a circuit too soon.. Poor girl was hammered on social media.. It happens and she won't make that mistake twice..

Fakenham is the other racecourse that has the same problem.. you need to count your circuits!

My birthday weekend was the best.. Family all weekend. So good to spent time with Harry who is over from Sydney.. and his wife to be India Smith..Archie was injured so could not play cricket so he was here as were Pandora and her little boy Otto.... A total joy.

Tuesday morning and although not a great deal happening in the yard the steam cleaner was out as what horses are left in the yard have been moved to the top barn so that we can clean and sort the bottom one while empty.

Luke and Kevin Cooper were here third lot to visit Thorndale for the first time.

This weeks mover and shaker in the BHA handicap charts was..Faerie Cutlass up 3 to 90..

We also had our usual vet visit.

I am spending the morning in GR.. fingers crossed..