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30th September 2017

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

Worcester yesterday.. Thumb Stone Blues ran a blinder to finish 3rd. Jumped well and ran the same.. delighted. Robin The Raven caught us out a bit as he needed the race. Not a bad thing with a long season to go and yesterdays aim was to get him qualified for their big final next month. Anyway he too finished third.

Last night McCoys award dinner was a big night. Lots of noise and many winners..I nominated Liam Higgins for stable staff member of the year.. Higgs did not win but out of 40 nominees he finished in the first 4.. A prize for him, although no money!

Husbands do sleep (usually) with their wives and probably chat about what they have been doing that day.. even if they are not allowed to!

Busy morning..

Jockeys David Bass and Tom Bellamy plus ex jockey Ed Cookson were all in to ride out this morning..

Matt Lambert was here first lot to see his horses Cascaye, Trojan Star and Carqalin.

Second lot Michael Kay, Jenny Swainson and Ian Beverley were here to see their horse Glenforde

Alan McLellan called in third lot to see his horse King Simba.

Fourth lot all the members of my KBRP partnerships were here to see their horses canter and then all went to lunch at The Cheltenham Park Hotel. Entertainment from Robert Fox..

Peter Kerr was in charge all day! KBRP Owners here to see...Bandon Roc, Blazon, Chateau Robin, Deseray, Dusty Pearl, Involve, Kayf Storm, Knockanrawley, Milord, Our Belle Amie, Monrocco, Pond Road, Red River, Silver Kayf Vinndication and Younevercall.. also owners here who are part of our KBRP saw their horses Sunblazer, Diamond Gait, Texas Forever, Diva Reconce, Another Venture, Biscuit and Ben Arthur .

We have no runners over the weekend but will be watching the TV to see how the races unfold here and abroad.. Arc weekend is always a winner.

We have extended the closing date for my in house free 5 to follow competition to 9am on Wednesday morning October 4.

Thanks for all the kind messages over the demise of my car..or my brain

Vernon Taylor sent this rather old advert over..

Have a good one and see you on Monday..