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1st October 2021

Plus 12 and drizzling when driving in.

Bloody hell time flies.. a new month and Christmas is only just around the corner..

Warwick yesterday and Colliers raceday.. Two good reasons to enjoy.

Unfortunately Mat and I were a tad late which gave 'compare' Roger Hart every reason to celebrate our late arrival with the announcement of the 'arrival of celeb of the day Mat Nicholls'.. Relief for me as I was able to hide.. no shame there I promise….

Roger marked Colliers guests card and amazingly gave two winners, although it might have been three, but I was distracted…

80 guests hosted by John Webber;

John gave a good speech on business rates and where they might be when abolished..

While his minder (partner) Richard Sheppard, still smarting over the fact that I charge for an owners lunch insisted that I passed over 80 pounds for my lunch...

Joking apart it was a really fun afternoon and I sat between Louise Daly and John Webber.. Top draw, top table, excellent lunch and good wine.. what more?

Roger Hart never to be undone by the fact that I published his awful joke yesterday kocked me into touch with a poem which he made up while sitting on the can read below..

Friday morning.. and any thought of fishing on the Wye on my Friday was cancelled early as the river is pea green or bisto brown with muck..

Roger Hart's poem..

Crowds are back racing, it is good to see, Everyone can enjoy the Colliers Team hospitality,

The sport has been lucky, horses have run daily, Trainers have been smiling, yes even Kim Bailey,

Throughout the pandemic he had no need to walk or jog, But kept us all busy contributing to his daily blog,

No subject exempt, our help he did enlist, Except when he wanted to regale us with regular trips to his dentist,

His teeth are a mess, was a recurring line, The reason is simple , too much red wine,

No runners today, he can relax have a few, Then directly home avoiding the petrol queue,

He is looking quite smug, you can even see from afar, The reason is simple, he owns an electric car,

As tempers raged, it seemed so cruel, His Tesla whizzed passed while we queued for fuel,

But our time will come , when the power stations are shut, And the nation is in darkness with yet another power cut,

If my tips are not good, then our back up plan will not fail, Come and take advice from the master of Thorndale,

The advice will be dodgy, but he will not worry about that, Because he will shift the blame to his assistant Matt,

Matt is resilient and used to the blame, But at least he is smiling, yes Forest finally won a game,

This ditty is ending and I have a hunch, With Colliers hospitality you are going to enjoy your lunch,

Thank you for listening,  Kim is smiling and being a good man, And never forget in a comedy duo Ollie always needed his Stan.