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31st October 2015

Plus 11 when waking in Weedon near Northampton.

Yesterdays runners were not a brilliant advert for running fast ground horses when the rain has descended and changed the ground to very soft. Neither horse enjoyed it and both pulled up..

I am away or was last night as today is Clare’s birthday.. We stayed away and had a quiet night with her bother Michael. Today I am heading to Wetherby, so at least I am an hour closer.

Talking Wetherby we run one and that is Allez Encore in the mares listed hurdle race.. She can't win on all known form but we would love to collect some black type by being placed..Can we? For my thoughts please click 

Sunday I have some really tricky new owners. Harry Bailey and his merry team of ‘Young Pretenders have their first ever runner. Same Ole Trix will have to sprout wings to finish in the first three..

I am sure you have heard that some owners can be difficult and demanding ......

My instructions are that their horse has to run over the weekend and preferably as close to London as possible.. Huntingdon apparently is a long way from London!!

Anyway they will have some fun and isn't that what racehorse ownership is all about? Fun..Mini cab transport for 16..

We are filming a new feature for the web site.. The day in a life of a member of my staff.. The Cotswold Film Company have been in and around my yard all day.. the feature will appear in about a month… loads of editing?

Talking new features… Try clicking here and see what you think.. There will be a new one ]every month.. Thoughts please.