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31st October 2018

Minus 4 and dry when driving in. Yes cold.

Another second was annoying, but also pleasing.

Mr Macho showed that his last run at Southwell before his summer break was no fluke and yesterday, although still incredibly green, he showed great ability and further he would have won.. Next time he will go further. And hopefully improve on his two seconds.

Agent Memphis showed more life but I am still not sure how the handicapper managed to give her the mark she has after those three disappointing runs.

Braw Angus ran well for a long while but fluffed his lines 3 from home and that was his race over. While up at Bangor Aliandy was a good third. All in all not too bad, it could have been better and it could so easily have been worse.

Busy here again this morning.

David Bass was in to ride work, videos of them working can be seen here; First Lot, Second Lot

Chris Mallard, Di Cope and  Sue Sharrott were here for a charity morning on the gallops and breakfast.. They are friends of Steve Adams..  we give away about 20 of these a year.. These mornings raise much needed cash to charities

Will Austin and Daughter Millie were her for a yard visit, his daughter is an avid racing fan and wanted to see behind the scenes.

Kevin and  Dermot Clancy  were her to see their horse Two for Gold and discuss running plans which have been on hold because of the dry Auntumn.

Fenella Tillier was here third lot.

We have just the one runner today at Nottingham.. Yes a flat runner at one of my most favourite jumps tracks.. well when it was .. before it was ruined!! Sunblazer heads there and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Important day today as it is Mrs B’s birthday and hence we have three days of celebrations..

Last night, on Maddie’s recommendation, Archie, Clare and I went to The Fish Hotel for supper and I concur with what she said..The Hook.. it was very good.. stunning setting too.

Archie has had a bone scan on his shoulder.. It is broken, not a rotator cuff as diagnosed from his recent hospital visit.. Better to break a bone as it will heal..

Tonight we are out again.. The Frogmill.

Did you know  the UK is full of Bottoms?

Six Mile Bottom.  Cambridgeshire

Loose Bottom.    Sussex

Scratchy Bottom.  Dorset

Boggy Bottom.  Herts

Jolly’s Bottom.  Cornwall

Charles Bottom.  Devon

Slag Bottom.  York’s

WhamBottom Lane.   Lancs

Bottoms Fold, Lancs

Broadbottom.  Cheshire

Charles Bottom. Devon

Clay Bottom. Bristol

Bedlam Bottom.  Hampshire

Backside Lane. Oxfordshire

Deans Bottom. Kent

Hole Bottom. York’s

Jolly’s Bottom. Cornwall

Pratt’s Bottom.  Kent

Ramsbottom. Lancs

To finish .. My mate Sam Morshead's obituary is in The Times..