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1st December 2017

0 degrees and dry when driving in. It certainly felt colder with a sharp easterly wind.

It felt bloody cold at Towcester yesterday and there was  a good crowd to brave the elements. Bars packed, probably to keep warm but whatever they had good racing to watch. Good old Matt Chapman trying to warm the proceedings from the paddock.

Our runners were fairly predictable. Milord ran well for a long way but needs to come down in the handicap ratings. Biscuit needs further and a handicap mark. Wandrin Star ran far better than his 4th place, while little Involve with have learnt a great deal from yesterdays experience in the bumper.

Talking experience.. Towcester really has gone to the dogs as far as looking after owners is concerned. They have a biggish marquee for them but that is where it stops..

The wine was served in a plastic glass with tin foil on top. You couldn’t buy a normal bottle of any wine so taking owners to the bar and asking for 6 red wines was always going to be a juggling act.

My owners nearly ended up with cut lips from the plastic and cuts on their hands from pulling the tin foil top off.. then of course most spilt their wine over themselves because you used too much pressure to leaver the foil off the plastic glass… Worcester have similar wine

All sad really as the course is one of my favourites and Robert Bellamy and his ground staff headed by Keith Bower do a great job on the course.. but you feel the place is now unloved and as they say gone to the dogs..Their web site says it all.. try and find out about horse racing and the ground? Dogs and weddings although not sure they go together.

Tom Bellamy was in for a couple of lots this morning.

Graham Potts our vet also in..

We have two runners today at Doncaster. Dandy Dan and Cracked Rear View and for my thoughts please click here.

I dont know whether you saw this video.. Help For Heroes