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1st February 2018

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

The above is slight figment of my imagination.. Why.. Because Clare and I have been skiing for the last 3 days in the delights of Val d’Isere.. Yes it has been fun, but now we are on our way home..sadly!

We left on Sunday to stay with Grahame and Diana Whateley, along with Dominic and Valda Burke and Tim and Charlotte Syder..A good racing team? Grahame was a great team leader..

We were welcomed by 3 days of stunning weather.. Bright sunshine and more snow than records began .. well apparently 1984 might have been similar..

Fabulously good skiing conditions and the good news is that we have left the resort and headed back to Geneva in one piece..I am seriously stiff and my thighs have never been that tested.. 

I am no Franz Klammer, more Michael Edwards, while Clare on the other hand is more Chemmy Alcott.

Anyway we had fun.. we also bumped into Rupert and Davina Longsdon who are out there for the season.. Rupert runs the Oxford Ski Company and knows how to look after fellow Brits on tour...

We had stunning Blue Moon here too..just in case you wanted to know..

The world has finally gone mad..

Formula One Racing has stopped having (hardly) scantally clad girls holding the position cards in front of cars on the grids of all Grand Prix.. Sorry but that is taking this new world of political correctness or inappropriate dressing too far. What next.. Cheerleaders in American footbal..Boxing and many other sports must be on the list..Wimbledon ball girls will now wear trousers?

What next.. 

Deer nearly caused an accident at Newcastle yesterday.. Two deer ran across the track in front of the runners.. scroll down for the video

Back home Net Work Rouge has returned to the yard for a summer campaign.. Good to have him back.. Apparently he has been testing his owners John and Liz Wills with his antics...

Thursday is our easy day but more importantly we are weather watching this weekends Musselburgh card.. snow? I hope not..we have 4 runners on their big Trials meeting.

Happy birthday to Ginny Elliot....

How do snowboarders introduce themselves?

“Sorry dude”