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1st February 2021

Plus 1 and dry when driving in. It was also very foggy..

I have to say that Saturday was one of the worst days I can recall weather wise.. it simply tipped down and was bloody miserable. My staff certainly earned their wages when riding out in the rain/sleet.

We had 63 mm of rain last week, as did Cheltenham racecourse; so it was hardly surprising that racing did not take place there.. Sad.. another Cheltenham meeting missed.

I enjoyed reading this.. the headlines were hardly a give away but scroll down!

This story is not good news..Captain Sir Tom Moore.. The country is wishing you well..

Yesterday as usual I posted my Sunday video to my owners although there was not much to boast of.. It is all about keeping the communication links going. This was followed by my BBQ skills being put to the test during a sleet storm..

February 1st and sadly bar First Flow January was a pretty miserable month for us at Thorndale and Saturday at Doncaster we ended the month on a low with all three runners pulling up.

The new month is unlikely to improve matters as frankly I cannot see there will be many race meetings taking place this week .. Most have advanced warnings of standing water. Although Warwick is still hopeful, Exeter is already off on Wednesday 

Monday morning started with some very fresh horses.

The down side is that Mat beached his car.. at the bottom of the gallop!.. All the horses and staff were able to view it while making their way to canter..


Give me a sentence which includes the words, Defence, Defeat, Detail


When a horse jumps over defence, defeat go first and then the detail

Happy birthday to two very good mates.. Ginny Elliot and Aiden Murphy..

Todays non virus video nasty