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1st November 2019

Plus 9 when driving in but drizzling with rain. 

I cannot believe that it is November already, time seriously does slip away, although I did feel ridiculous having to purchase Christmas stock back in September for my business, apparently I was late too!

No trick or treaters came calling last night, not that they ever do as I live in a very small village however, I do always get the sweets and chocolates ready just in case. Obviously I now need get rid of the leftovers,  I wouldn't want it going to waste......

Adjourned ran very well for his first run over hurdles to finish second at Stratford yesterday. 

We are running First Flow today at Uttoxeter, for our thoughts on his chances please click here.

A new month, means a new owner in the spotlight, our Owner of the Month for November is Stuart Ballantyne.

Matt has taken Illuminated Beauty and Rhosneigr to Lambourn this morning.

We have now sold all shares in our Sageburg gelding, but have a few remaining in the 3 year old Schiaparelli x Bisaat gelding. Peter has also begun to syndicate our new lease horse, a 2015 gelding by Dansant, do get in touch with Peter for more information on these ones. 07901 763 643

My time on the blog has come to a blissful end, the boss is back and I am sure will be flooding your screens with pictures of his holiday tomorrow morning!

I can't finish without mentioning my excitment for the Rugby tomorrow morning, 9am kick off and sure to be an exciting game!