Training Costs

As well as the initial purchase cost of the horse, the following training costs also need to be considered. The rates below apply from October 1st 2015.

Basic Training Fees

£52.00 per day charged monthly in advance. A 10% discount is available if season or at least 6 months in advance.

Out of training

£30.25 per day.


£80 per month standard charge. This is a set charge however many shoes your horse wears through in a month plus £75 for plating per run.


£1 per mile.

Racing Expenses

£51.00 per runner. These cover the staff’s raceday wages as laid down by the BHA.

Gallop Fees

£99.50 per month when in training. This is the charge administered for the rent of the gallop per horse dealt directly with Weatherbys.

Additional Fees

All additional fees, including veterinary services, are charged at cost.

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02-03-2021 07:09:40 in General by Admin
Plus 3, very foggy and dry when driving in. Firstly can I thank all my owners who either rang, sent texts or emailed to show support for having horses here and the way their horses are looked after. They all said .. Great staff and happy horses… Talking great staff and happy horses, we do have many of the former this morning as they will have less to ride out as we have.. David Bass, Che...


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