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2nd December 2021

0 degrees dry but with a dusting of snow when driving in.

I will probably not say this often, but yesterdays memorial service for David Todd was a cracker.

A packed church, brilliant family and non family eulogies and so much laughter and clapping..

Toddy was a fun man who lived life to the full..His favourite expression..'Silly not to'

There was never a dull moment in his life and those who were able to attend yesterdays service would have certainly come away knowing that their friend would have loved his send off..

Why do we do this when we die.. hearing all those good things about you would surely be so much more fun, as would the party, when you are alive..not when you have gone!!?

John Perriss and I enjoyed our journey and then we found a good pub to stop for lunch.. which turned out to be the same one that was hosting the post memorial party..

Good to see some old mates.. good to see they are still alive.. You never know what is around the corner??

Thursday morning and I was away early heading to Yorton Sales

Another moderate day of headlines from the Racing Post...I fear Racing is in for a weeks worth of disappointing publicity..

We have a runner today at Market Rasen.. Chianti Classico heads there and for my thought please click here.

John and I were struggling with his RR satnav yesterday.

Perhaps I should invest ... as a present...

There's a new sat nav device for the older driver - not only does it tell you how to get somewhere, but it also tells you why you wanted to go there in the first place.

Happy days..